Care not who I am but what I say. Truth and lies are what they are irrespective of who said it. Every time I write, I remind myself of Plato's quote that no man is more hated than he who speaks the truth. And then I write the truth.

I update my writings with new arguments, better language and corrections as I learn and grow; and sometimes, out of pure dissatisfaction of what I have written. I do, however, track the changes made.

We cannot grow without addressing our weaknesses and wrongdoings, therefore criticisms in my writings are meant to be constructive and do not imply any insult. Any disagreements with me would be edifying if made with counter arguments.

I am a pragmatist. I see issues as issues. Categorizing me as any other ist would be inaccurate.

I am not on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn; I do not trust them neither with privacy nor with free speech. Also, is the only domain I use.

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